The Aerial Yoga Hammock

July 31, 2023 4 min read

Feel the difference in just 5 minutes!

Aerial yoga - it’s one of the most impressive types of this already excellent exercise. Designed to help provide even more support for flexibility and other health benefits such as lowering muscle pain and stiffness, aerial yoga is the ultimate exercise as an art form, and it’s seriously impressive to see someone using aerial yoga or advanced aerial Pilates - it’s almost like watching a dance in the air!

Of course, you need some serious practice to be able to pull off something like that. You need aerial silks, an aerial yoga swing, or other aerial equipment - and that says nothing about the instruction you’ll need to be able to pull off the kind of yoga trapeze moves properly and without hurting yourself! Sure, yoga isn’t exactly a full-contact type of exercise, but when you’re hanging in a hammock a couple of feet off the floor, you want to make sure you both know what you’re doing and that you can trust your aerial yoga equipment!

That’s where our aerial yoga swings and other aerial yoga gear comes in. We carry a full line of 

Uplift Active's professional quality Aerial Yoga Hammocks, Silks, and Swings. These aerial silks and aerial yoga hammocks are the ultimate inversion tools for strengthening, lengthening and realigning your back. Elevate your yoga and it becomes a modern art form. It strengthens your mind-body connection and challenges your inhibitions, and an aerial hammock kit from Uplift Active makes it all possible.

Our aerial silk fabric yoga swing products offer a generous width come with hanging instructions, a heavy duty mounting rig with a portable hanging point, and extra hardware for ceiling mounts. Like all of our products, each aerial hammock set we sell comes with our 100% no-risk money back guarantee, 100% free returns and exchanges, and ultra-low cost worldwide shipping so that you can begin practicing anti gravity yoga in your aerial rig hammock in no time at all - and with the peace of mind that we’ve got your back if you need us.

No matter your level of fitness or yoga experience, you will amaze yourself with what you and your students can achieve with our yoga hammock. When cradled and supported by this aerial yoga swing, you will be able to stretch and strengthen your body in new ways. And you will experience all the benefits of hanging upside down in an easy and safe way, called Inversion Therapy.

Did you know that 75-80% of Americans experience back pain in their lives?

It’s true. In fact, it’s all too common in our modern life, as we all tend to spend all too much time hunched over computer monitors at work. Even if you don’t work in an office, you may end up hurting your back after lifting something heavy incorrectly, or even spending plenty of time enjoying entertainment on your smartphone or tablet - and that can lead to just as much pain through the development of “tech neck”, a condition caused by looking down at a touchscreen for too long. This results in both neck and back pain. And make no mistake - this pain can be debilitating. It’s the second leading cause of doctors' visits according to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, and it can result in thousands of hours of work missed in a single year, having to miss out on fun activities with your friends and family, and, of course, just way too much pain and discomfort. Not being able to rest and relax, or even sleep at night, is all often a result of this pain.

Back pain is most often caused by a lack of flexibility or a lack of strength. These can be contributed to by

  • Sedentary computer work
  • Heavy lifting
  • Frequent bending
  • Weak abdominal muscles
  • Lack of movement in everyday life
  • Stress
  • Poor posture

Given the challenges we face in everyday life, all of us can be susceptible. Whether you already are experiencing pain, or you want to be proactive to care for your spine to prevent future issues, try the anti gravity yoga hammock and yoga swing and you will not be disappointed!

This hammock is great for relieving pain by inverting your back, which releases all that stress that gravity has been putting on it for years. It’s called inversion therapy, and it offers you spinal decompression, relieving pain, realigning your back, and reducing muscle tension - all of which you can get by using this hammock. These inversion benefits compound the flexibility and strength boosting qualities of yoga, which is why aerial yoga slings provide a unique stretch to your spine to relieve the compressing day to day effects of gravity that can turn your back into a painful knot of sore, aching muscle.

Inversion therapy with this aerial yoga hammock is also one of the most accessible ways to get spinal traction, another important part of treating sore, aching back muscles that contribute to pain and discomfort. Traction is a treatment that pulls apart the spine to give it a slight natural stretch, removing stress and pressure from your spine, and can even help you lengthen your back by decompressing your spinal discs.

Are you ready to get your own hammock and begin working on better spinal health, less pain, and increased flexibility? It’s never too late to start practicing this fun and effective type of exercise! Learn more about Aerial Yoga here.


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