Memory Foam Lumbar Cushion


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  • Each lumbar pillow comes with a cloth cover with elastic straps that can attach to a variety of chairs
  • Designed to offer comfort and multi purpose placement for a home or office chair or even in the car


Material: Polyester / Cotton

Size: 12.6 * 12.2 * 4 inches or 32 * 31 * 10 cm (L x W x H)

Please make sure to measure your desk chair or car seat before ordering to see if this Lovehome lumbar support pillow will work for you.

BONUS: The Natural Posture Improvement Guide E-Book included with purchase ($7.99 value).

The guide includes step by step instructions on corrective stretches and exercises and tips on how to use posture support device


Can I use this in my car?
Yes! You use these gel infused memory foam pillows in your car.

What is this made of?
Our Cushion is made from memory foam and comes with a machine washable velvet cover with two adjustable straps that can attach to a variety of chairs.

Will this help relieve my back pain?
Our pillow is designed to ease back pain, rigid knots, cramps or loosened muscles.

How can this improve my posture?
Is designed to act as a support pillow that will alleviate tired muscles from prolonged sitting. This effect can improve your posture.

What is the size of the pillow?
12.6L  x 12.2W x 4H  inches (32 x 31 x 10 cm)

What is the best placement for a cushion on the chair?
You may use this cushion for your lower, middle or upper back depending on where your problem area is. Please check with your physical therapist for a better result.

Does it come with a belt/strap?
Like the best lumbar support pillows, ours comes with dual adjustable straps.

Can I wash this product?
Our back support cushion comes with a removable cover. We recommend that you hand wash and air dry the cover.

Can it be used without the strap?
Yes! But we suggest that you use the pillow strap as it will work best when kept in place.

Will this work in my bathtub?
No! It is not waterproof. This back pillow is best used for home, office, or car use.

Can this help with my spine alignment?
Yes! Our Cushion is designed to provide orthopedic support and encourage proper posture. Please check with your doctor or physical therapist for recommended usage.

Will you recommend this to a student?
Yes! This is good for those who sit for a long period of time every day. Our Seat Cushion offers proper support protects you from sitting wrong in harmful positions.

Is this pillow firm?
Yes, our Lumbar Support Cushions are firm and supportive while the microfiber cover is soft.

Will the pillow flatten over time?
No, our back support pillow is very resilient and will not flatten even after extended use.


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