Comfy-X Posture Corrector


This Comfy-X Posture Corrector is designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten your spine and posture. Fully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear. Trusted and recommended by 100+ Chiropractors.

Our Comfy-X Posture Correctors are designed to help pull the shoulders back and straighten your spine. Fully adjustable, comfortable & easy to wear. Trusted and recommended by 100+ Chiropractors.

"Simple and effective brace, with adjustment straps designed so you can put it on yourself and adjust things just how you want them. The straps are easy to adjust, yet strong and stable when the brace is in place."



Medium: 23" - 40" (58 - 101 cm)Large: 40" - 48" (102 - 122 cm)

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COMFORT Posture Corrector features

  • This support brace is adjustable and can accommodate many different types of figures.

  • Great for people who sit all day

  • Pulls shoulders back to correct position

  • Improves proper posture and back support

  • Provides rigid back support

  • Non-restricting uni-sex design for men and women


The ergonomic design of our posture brace features adjustable shoulder straps and a midsection belt to allow maximum customization. It will stabilize and align shoulders, neck and spine to relieve chronic pain around the area.The idea behind the design is to help build muscle memory by correcting rounded shoulders and ensuring spinal alignment so that over time, you will automatically straighten your back without the help of brace.

  • Loosen and unvelcro all the adjustable straps. 

  • Stand up straight and get in your best good posture(standing against a wall helps). 

  • Now, put the posture correction brace on and Velcro/tighten any straps so that the brace has a small amount of tension/tightness against your body.

Using Your Corrector Long term

When your body tires of holding a position, the brace will tighten as a gentle reminder to straighten up. It shouldn't be uncomfortably tight; if so, sizing might be an issue. You can gradually tighten the brace over time for better results.

The brace's purpose is to train muscles to maintain proper position. The more you wear it, the greater your improvement. Since your current posture developed over years, expecting overnight results isn't realistic. Consistency is crucial for progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should I get?

Measure around the bottom of the band, directly under your bust/chest(around your rib cage). 

Medium:23" - 40" (58 - 101 cm)

Large: 40" - 48" (102 - 122 cm)

How does sizing work for women?

For best sizing selection for women, measure under your bust.

Will this stay in place?

Yes! Our Comfy-X Posture Corrector stays in place securely.

How should I wear this?

Our Comfy-X Posture Corrector can be worn over clothing or on your bare skin.

Is this product unisex?

Yes! We have two unisex sizes, based on your rib cage circumference

Can I put it on by myself?

Yes, our Comfy-X Posture Corrector very easy to slip on, adjust and secure the posture corrector without assistance.

How long can I wear the posture corrector each day?

Our Comfy-X Posture Corrector is suitable for all-day use. Start with 15-30 minutes at a time and work your way up.

Can I wear this on my sleep?

It not recommended as it may cause too much discomfort.

Can I wear this while working out?

It depends on the exercise/routine that you have. This is helpful for light movements but this might not be comfortable enough to be worn during an excessive workout.

Can this improve my posture?

The purpose of the brace is to train your muscles so that they stay in the proper posture. The more you use it the better your posture will be.

Does this product have a weight limit recommendation?

Our product comes with very adjustable straps. Please use the measuring guide on the product page to get a good fitting product.

How long would it take before I will notice some changes in my posture?

Some customers notice the change as early as two weeks. You will feel the difference in wearing the brace after 30 minutes. The purpose of the brace is to train your muscles so that they stay in the proper posture. The more you use it the better your posture will be.

Can I wear this when playing sports?

Yes! Our Comfy-X Posture Corrector is perfect for basketball, running, and other sports.

Will the posture corrector stop me from slouching at my desk?

Yes! Our Comfy-X Posture Corrector is designed to pull your shoulders back to realign your spine and reduce your slouch.

Can you correct years of bad posture?

Yes, you can correct years of bad posture with consistent effort and targeted exercises. A combination of stretching, strengthening, and ergonomic adjustments can significantly improve posture over time.

Our Customers love this Posture Corrector!!

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