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High Density Foam Roller

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BONUS: The Natural Posture Improvement Guide E-Book included with purchase ($6.99 value). 

The Benefit of Foam Rolling:

  • Effective tool for Self-myofascial release (SMR), these high density rollers help release all your muscle tightness or trigger points. The pain will fade away quickly and leave the instant soothing impact on tight and fatigued muscles.
  • Perfect for Dynamic warm-up and Stretching as your muscles get loose and relaxed, ready for deeper and more effective squats, quadriceps and glute-transforming exercises.
  • What's more, this quality foam roller is great for stabilizing core muscles, preventing injury, rehab and enhancing balance, flexibility and range of motion.
  • Simple sport equipment can benefit anyone from professional athletes, coaches to people at all levels of fitness as a tool to release tension in muscle knots and major muscle groups.

How To Foam Roll Your Thoracic Spine (Upper Back)


    1. Perfect for those who are struggling with stiff and nervous muscle tension
    2. Versatile tool for muscle relaxation all over the body as well as yoga practice
    3. Uniquely designed bumps deliver comfortable, relaxing deeper massage to soothe your sore muscles and relieve fatigue the same way a massage therapist would
    4. Made of non-toxic foam, hollow design, similar to a yoga mat
    5. Portable size, easy to carry


    How can I use this?
    This extra firm roller is the perfect density, making it a miracle worker for getting a deep stretch in your back area or any part of your body for that matter.

    Is it safe to use for my upper back?
    Absolutely! It’s also great for your shoulders or mid back muscles. If you’ve got stubborn knots after a hard workout, frequent use will help achieve better blood flow and quicker muscle recovery. We even have a video tutorial for this.

    Will this help relieve sciatica?
    Possibly, the roller allows for targeted massage of the back and hip to relieve sciatica pain.

    What is the difference with the regular foam?
    Our High-Density roller is specially made to target deep tissue massage with a harder but still soft to the touch foam. The dense, smooth foam  makes it great for heavy use on all body types.

    Is every color the same firmness?
    Yes! Each roller is made with the same level and type of material.

    How can my body benefit from this product?
    Our roller is great to stabilize core muscles, increase flexibility and prevent injury in larger muscle groups such as in your shoulder blades.

    Is this roller made of a firm material?
    Unlike other foam rollers, this product is made with higher density, hollow material.

    What is roller size?
    Our product is 13 inches by 5.5 inches( L x Dia = 33 x 14cm)

    Is this helpful for athletes?
    Yes! Our high density Foam Roller is designed to reduce tight muscles and ease sore parts.

    Can I use this before/after a workout?
    Yes! Our product is perfect for warm-up and muscle stretch.

    Can I bring it anywhere with me?
    Yes! Our product is light. You can bring and enjoy it anywhere you are.


    Color: Blue * Green * Orange * Black * Blue * Purple
    Material: Foam
    Dimensions: (13 x 5.5)" / (33 x 14)cm (L x Dia) 
    Weight: 28.22oz / 800g

    Package Includes:
    1 x Foam Roller

    BONUS: The Natural Posture Improvement Guide E-Book included with purchase ($7.99 value).

    The guide includes step by step instructions on corrective stretches and exercises and tips on how to use posture support devices



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