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Spiky Massage Balls

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Massage therapy is a well-known and well-respected practice to provide relief for sore muscles after exercise or a workout. It’s also great for when you’re sore without workouts, such as when you have tight muscles due to poor posture, which can develop from sitting incorrectly for long periods of time. Handheld massage balls are often used to help reach deep tissue during massage, to extend a therapist’s reach and leverage, or even for self-use at home. 

That’s where our spiky ball massage balls come in. Each spiky ball is a simple massage tool which can help stimulate the blood circulation massage muscles, and relieve tension.

With their 9cm/3.5in diameter these spikey balls will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, making them great for massaging your palms, feet, ankle, shank, arms, neck and back - anywhere you might feel muscle pain and soreness! They might look fearsome, but these spiky balls are truly ideal for providing excellent relief from persistent muscle pain and soreness if used correctly and consistently.

This massage ball can be used on the palms and soles of the feet or other body parts, pressuring and extruding to stimulate the skin. Use by yourself or with a partner to achieve excellent relief, and don’t forget to take it with you - it’s small enough to fit comfortably in a purse, gym bag, or anything else. There’s truly no reason not to leave home without it!


How many hours a day can I use it?
You can use our Spiky Massage Ball as often as you need.

How can I use this?
Place our Spiky Massage Ball on your desired are (sole of your feet, arms, neck, etc) and apply the needed pressure to massage the ball. You can also place the ball on the ground and use it that way.

Can this help with my muscle pain?
Yes! Our Spiky Massage Ball is designed to improve muscle performance and decrease recovery time for injuries. For best result consult with your doctor/physical therapist.

I always get knots on my feet after running, can this help?
Yes!  Our Spiky Massage Ball maximizes your trigger point therapy and minimizes muscle knots.

Is this ball durable?
Yes!  Our Spiky Massage Ball is made of premium PVC, it does not lose it shape overtime.

Is this perfect for athletes like me?
Yes! Our Spiky Massage Ball will help improve your muscle performance by loosening up tight muscles so they are ready to perform again.

Can I put it in the freezer before I use it?
Yes! We suggest putting it in the freezer for thirty minutes or more. The coldness will give a more relaxing massage.

Is this latex free?
Yes, it is!

Can you heat this massage ball?
No! However, for a more relaxing massage you may put it in the freezer for thirty minutes prior to using it.

How can I clean this ball?
We recommend using warm water with soap.


Diameter: 9cm/3.54"
Material: PVC

BONUS: The Natural Posture Improvement Guide E-Book included with purchase ($7.99 value).

The guide includes step by step instructions on corrective stretches and exercises and tips on how to use posture support devices. 


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