Intelligent Neck massager UNBoxing

  Why People Love It

  • Relief for Pain, Stiffness, and Stress

  • Improve Blood Circulation

  • Portable - Use Anytime, Anywhere

  • Relieve Soreness Easily in 15 mins

  • Universal Fit

  • Long Lasting Battery, Quick Charging

  • 100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • 1 Year Warranty and Free Returns

neck massager with heat benefits

Our Pulse & Heat Neck Massagers are pain relief tools that provide relaxation therapy. It simulates a real human massage to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder tension, body tension, and promote blood circulation.

Through low-voltage pulse technology, its neck massage with heat functions penetrate the skin to reach your pain points and ease the pain and tension around your neck area and spine.


15 levels of intensity to meet your needs, making this one of the best neck massagerson the market today.

Small, lightweight, and portable, this massager weighs in at just 0.3 lbs (160 g). Use it anytime and anywhere. 

Rechargeable and cordless. Comes with a Micro USB cord for charging and a 450mAh battery. Once fully charged provides up to 4 hours or 16 sessions (15 minutes per session).


Is neck pain interfering with your life?

Many people feel neck pain after a long day of work. Our neck massager with heat is designed to relieve pain and tension in the neck and shoulders area. If you're stressed or just need to unwind, our massage therapy device will help you relax.

Now you can benefit from the unique combination of heating, acupuncture, and electro-stimulation which can help you reduce stress and tension. Take this neck massager with you anywhere you go or use it while resting in the comfort of your home! Use it anytime and anywhere!


3 Massage modes and 15 intensity Levels:

- Acupuncture 
- Massage mode
- Heat Therapy

Note: Select the buttons on the remote to choose the mode and intensity that suits you. (The massager intensity restores to level 0 when the mode is changed)


Will it fit my neck?

The adjustable metal patches and silicon material that the massage is made out of will conform to any neck size. 

Can tENS help neck pain?

is this safe to use?

Your safety is our priority. Our Pulse & Heat Neck Massager has passed compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation.

Pacemaker / implantable electronic device or metal implants?

If you have a Pacemaker / implantable electronic device or metal implants in the neck area, we apologize, but you can not use this.

can i carry this on the airplane?

Yes, absolutely! Also, it's a perfect way to relax your neck when you're on a plane.

what is the cause of some tingling when using the massager?

The reason for tingling is because when your skin is dry, the massager is not totally on your skin. You can dampen your skin before putting the massager on and that will help create the bond between the metal patches and your skin. 

is there a heat only mode?

Yes, turn the intensity to the lowest setting after pressing the power button. Then press the heat only function.

does it vibrate or only give TENS style pulse massage?

This massager doesn't vibrate. It uses TENS pulse with heat.

do i need to dampen my neck before using the massager

If you have dry skin, we recommend dampening your neck before the massage to improve the experience. Alternatively, just use a water based cream instead of water.

do you have a replacement remote?

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Our Customers love this Neck Massager!

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