Advanced Smart Posture Corrector

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Our Advanced Smart Posture Corrector is the ultimate solution for long-term Posture Restoration. By utilizing Real-Time Posture Tracking Technology it reminds your body to keep an upright posture throughout the day by emitting pulsating vibrations as soon as It detects that your back is hunched more than 25° degrees.

One size fits all with our ergonomic dual strap design 
Our Advanced Smart Corrector actively monitors and alerts the wearer that they are is slouching. This is the only medically supported and proven way to train the body to keep a straight posture. Your body will begin to adjust its natural state with each vibrating reminder. Our Posture Corrector was engineered to be a long term solution for slouching and back pain alike. Correcting your posture is not only a major confidence booster, It also alleviates back pain and tension caused by poor posture. 


  • Customize Reminder Angle- When the smart posture corrector is off, long-press the angle setting button on the left to adjust the reminder angle, the range is 5-50°, and the default is 25°. Short press the angle setting button to decrease the angle, and short press the switch button to increase the angle.
  • Intelligent Posture Reminder- Our posture corrector will adjust your posture through vibration reminders, instead of the traditional correction belt. When your back is bent more than the set angle or your shoulders are bent forward and the tension is abnormal, the sensor will immediately vibrate to remind you to fix your posture. 
  • Reminder Count - The sensor of the back posture corrector is equipped with an LED display to record the count of bad posture reminders. The daily count can be cleared, in the power-on state by long-pressing the angle setting button. 
  • Adjustable Elastic Shoulder Strap - The figure-eight design of our advanced posture corrector is ergonomic. The shoulder strap is made of nylon, very elastic and comfortable to wear. The elastic strap with an adjustable length buckle, which can be used by men, women, teens, and kids.


How many hours should I wear it daily?

We recommend that users wear a posture corrector for 2 hours a day. 21 days is the habit formation period, and the posture will be significantly improved, and the stable period of habit is 90 days.

Can it be worn under clothing?
Yes, our device sits flush on your back, discreet, thin and lightweight. It can be worn under any clothing item.

Is this made for men or women?
Our device is made for Men, Women, and children over the age of 9.


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